Visualize Value Investing
Supercharge your sensemaking
Theory A is a financial intelligence platform that reveals the
hidden structure of value investing by visualizing how stocks interrelate to each other and putting data into historical context.

Intuitive Fundamentals
Visualize how stocks have been historically priced based on their fundamentals.
Under Over Example
Value Analysis
Intuitively understand the relationship between price and value.

Marketcap History &

Log Scale
Show Negative
Decile Breakdown
Put numbers into context.
By visualizing and contextualizing each value's decile we can see how expensive or cheap stocks are relative to each other.
Correlation Analysis
See what stocks move up and down together.
One Click Screeners
Get started instantly.
Use and build on pre-existing screens with a single click. Leverage existing heuristics such as:
  • Warren Buffett Score
  • O'Shaughnessy Trending Value
  • Greenblatt Magic Formula
  • ERP5
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