Why Does Loss Porn All Look the Same?

February 28, 2023
Ever notice that loss porn all looks the same? This post goes into why inexperienced investors tend to follow the same pattern and end up blowing up their portfolios in the same way.

The Inescapable Inequality of Exponential Growth

February 12, 2023
One of the ignored aspects of exponential growth is that it mathematically creates inequality. Understanding this can help investors make peace with doing the best for themselves without accumulating the resentment that can result in YOLO all-in bets.

Profiting from Efficient Market Hypothesis

February 3, 2023
The Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) is an investment theory that states that financial markets reflect all available information. This suggests that it is not possible to consistently achieve returns above the market average by using publicly available information...

The Dividend Fallacy

January 29, 2023
When first introduced to dividends, new investors tend to hold a naive believe that dividends are “free money”...

Why Market Cap is More Important than Price

January 22, 2023
Most people would say that Market Cap and Price are the same if not very similar. After all, market cap is defined as the price times the numbers of shares. They technically represent the same information, just scaled up or down. However, what most people refer to as market cap is actually the Mark to Market valuation.

Profit Margins Visualized

July 26, 2022
Visualizing the difference between gross profit, operating profit, and net profit.

How Banks Create Money Out of Thin Air

May 17, 2022
While many believe that banks lend out customer deposits. Modern banks actually create money out of thin air! This article goes into depth on how this works.

5 Types of Money

April 16, 2022
Very few people nowadays deal directly with cash. Like most people, you probably use Apple Pay, Venmo, Debit, Credit, and ACH bank transfers to settle most of your transactions. However you might be surprised to know we’ve already just described or alluded to 4 different types of money!

How to 'Safely' Gamble

March 14, 2022
Did you know, if you don't size your bets correctly you can lose money even on a positive expected outcome game! Learn how to avoid this through an intuitive interactive game that teaches the Kelly Criterion and Gambler's Ruin.

Visualizing Value Investing

January 7, 2022
Theory A is inspired by the strategies and methods laid out in the national bestseller What Works on Wall Street by James O'Shaughnessy. By visualizing a series of value factors and grouping them by decile, we allow investors to intuitvely understand the value of a stock.